Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Review: Far Side of the Sea by Kate Breslin

4 Stars!
After reading and absolutely loving High as the Heavens back in 2017, I have been eagerly anticipating Kate Breslin's next book. I really enjoyed Far Side of the Sea, but I didn't love it the way I did High as the Heavens, perhaps my expectations were so incredibly high that there was no possible way this book could meet them. I immediately liked Johanna, she was such a great blend of spunk and sweetness! I totally fell for Colin, wow, can you say swoon worthy?! He is definitely one of my favorite heroes of 2019 so far! Something I wasn't expecting and absolutely loved was the humor and super fun banter between Jo and Colin, I laughed out loud numerous times! 
I did not realize that carrier pigeons served in WWI and I was not only fascinated by the history of these plucky little birds, but became quite attached to Johanna's favorite pigeon, Little Corporal! 
This book has several thrilling twists and turns! I think I enjoyed the second half a bit more than the first half because of the fabulous action and suspense, the first half was definitely good and interesting enough to keep me turning pages, but honestly there were moments where I became a bit bored and wished for a bit more action, but once I passed the halfway mark things just took off and the pages started flying!
Overall, though High as the Heavens is still my favorite, Far Side of the Sea is a great book that I really enjoyed reading and highly recommend to fans of Christian historical romance! I recently purchased Kate Breslin's first WWI novel, Not By Sight which I am very much looking forward to reading soon, and I can't wait to see what else Ms. Breslin has in store for us! 

I received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher. The above review is my honest opinion. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.

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