Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Minute Read-A-Thon Remembering 2013 Challenge and Progress!

Hosted by Vonnie's Reading Corner and A Night's Dream of Books

Remembering 2013 challenge!
Answer the following...
1. Best Book of 2013: Shattered by Dani Pettrey
2. Worst Book of 2013: Playing with Poison by Cindy Blackburn (I don't really like using the word 'worst' but this is the book that I disliked the most and gave the lowest star rating to this year)
3. Favorite New Author: Debut author: Katie Ganshert. New-To-Me Authors: Lynette Eason, and Steven James
4. Book that surprised you: There were several but the first one that came to mind was: The Rook by Steven James
5. Book that disappointed you: Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen

Progress... Today (Saturday) I finished Unspoken by Dee Henderson and read about 140 pages of No One To Trust by Lynette Eason, I'm loving this one and SO hated having to put it down!!! :D


  1. Shattered was such a great read! Steven James is one of my top favorite authors and I also love Lynette Eason's books! :)

    I'm reading No One To Trust right now and also hate putting it down! So good! :)

  2. I'm saddened that I haven't heard of any these books. I need to brush up more on my authors.

  3. Shattered was awesome and Katie Ganshert and Lynette Eason are both fabulous authors! Looks like you're making great progress!

  4. I haven't heard of any of these books or you know, there are HUGE amounts of books being published every single week, and it's not easy to keep track of them all....especially, when you have TWO jobs, like I do!! In fact, I was able to co-host and participate in this read-a-thon because I was on vacation from BOTH jobs! I will, however, check out these books on Goodreads and Amazon!

    Thanks for sharing!! Happy New Year!! : )