Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Minute Read-A-Thon Love it or Hate it book cover challenge

Hosted by Vonnie's Reading Corner and A Night's Dream of Books

My "Love It" Choice is a book cover that was just released... Deluge by Lisa T. Bergren
I have been waiting for this book for SO long, and it is so exciting that it is now one step closer to being released!
Anyway, I love this cover because I feel like it fits perfectly with the covers of the rest of the series. The colors are beautiful, I love the landscape picture at the bottom, and I was thrilled to find out that the little girl is the daughter of two of the main characters! For all my fellow River of Time fans, she has Marcello's curls don't ya think?!

And my "Hate It" Choice is... The Prowl Trilogy by Amber Garza
I absolutely loved these books but I'm sorry to say I hate these new covers! The colors are really pretty. But I really don't like the model. Not only do I feel like she is way too glamorous to be Kenzie, but the dress and poses feel a little too suggestive/seductive to me. Basically this is a really amazing Christian YA series and it seems like they are trying to make the covers look more like mainstream YA covers.


  1. Completely agree about your "hate it" selection! I don't like the new ones either, for the same reasons.

  2. Hi, Caitlyn!

    Oh, so now Gabi and Marcello have a daughter? WHOOOPPEEEE!!!! I have GOT to get this book!! I'm a HUGE River of Time fan, but I had no idea that Lisa had published a new book in the series! Oh, thanks for featuring it!!

    I completely agree with you about the three covers you hate. I don't like that model, either. The poses are indeed a bit too provocative. But I have to tell you something about mainstream YA -- I don't remember seeing suggestive covers on any YA books I've read (well, maybe the new cover for "Wolfsbane" IS a bit suggestive). In fact, I enjoy reading mainstream YA precisely because there are usually no sex scenes, and no profanity. I should start reading Christian YA, too, come to think of it!

    Anyway, I would not buy the books above. I would hunt down the older covers instead.

    I'm now following you, by the way!

    Hope to see your post tomorrow! Thanks for sharing!! : )

    1. Hi Maria, Deluge actually hasn't released yet! It will be coming out in 2014, what I meant to say was that the cover had just been released! But I completely agree that I can't wait for it to come out!!! :D

      Thanks so much for following!

      And thanks for your comment!!!

    2. You're very welcome for the comment and the follow!

      I should have checked out "Deluge" on Amazon right away. I have now done that. I'll make sure to keep checking to see when it comes out, too, because I just HAVE to have this book! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!! : )

    3. You're welcome! :D

      By the way, I really like your profile picture! I'm a HUGE Twilight fan too! :D

  3. I'm so happy about Deluge's cover! And I had the exact same thought about Marcello's curls! CAN'T WAIT till this comes out! Though it'll be a little sad since it's the last one! And I agree with you on the awfulness of the other books!

  4. I really like the landscape picture in the cover of Deluge. I've never heard of this series so I'll have to check it out.

    Now I have to agree with you on the Prowl trilogy covers. I would not have guessed that this was a Christian series due to the seductiveness of the model. The only positive thing about the covers is that they are related. You can tell that they are part of a series.