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Lethal Intent by Cara Putman Review & Giveaway!

About the Book


Book:  Lethal Intent

Author: Cara Putman

Genre: Romantic Suspense


If they expected silence, they hired the wrong woman.

Caroline Bragg’s life has never been better. She and Brandon Lancaster are taking their relationship to the next level, and she has a new dream job as legal counsel for Praecursoria—a research lab that is making waves with its cutting-edge genetic therapies. The company’s leukemia treatments even promise to save desperately sick kids—kids like eleven-year-old Bethany, a critically ill foster child at Brandon’s foster home. 

When Caroline’s enthusiastic boss wants to enroll Bethany in experimental trials prematurely, Caroline objects, putting her at odds with her colleagues. They claim the only goal at Praecursoria is to save lives. But does someone have another agenda? 

Brandon faces his own crisis. As laws governing foster homes shift, he’s on the brink of losing the group home he’s worked so hard to build. When Caroline learns he’s a Praecursoria investor, it becomes legally impossible to confide in him. Will the secrets she keeps become a wedge that separates them forever? And can she save Bethany from the very treatments designed to heal her? 

This latest romantic legal thriller by bestseller Cara Putman shines a light on the shadowy world of scientific secrets and corporate vendettas—and the ethical dilemmas that plague the place where science and commerce meet.


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My Thoughts:

Lethal Intent is a great legal suspense! This is the second of Cara Putman's legal suspense novels that I've read and I really enjoyed it! Caroline was a great main character, I admired her heart for others, and her dedication and loyalty to the law and to doing what's right no matter what! I loved Brandon, he was such a fabulous hero! I loved that he was a former football player who had started a group home for sibling groups of foster kids. Caroline describes Brandon as being a big teddy bear and I couldn't agree more, it was such a joy to watch him play and interact with the kids in his care. I kept thinking "he'll make such a great dad someday." I also loved Bethany, what a sweet, sweet girl, she is one of the few fictional characters that I've found myself wanting to pray for! I found the science aspects of the story fascinating. I was a little afraid at first that some of the scientific details and terminology might be a bit over my head, but the author did an excellent job of presenting the scientific aspects of the story in a way that anyone can understand, I guarantee you'll learn something new from reading this book, I sure did! The suspense was really good, and I must admit the identity of the villian took me totally by surprise! Lethal Intent is a great read and I highly recommend it!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. My review was not influenced in any way. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.


About the Author

As a preteen Cara Putman watched lawyers change legislative opinions at an important legislative hearing in Nebraska. At that time, she wondered if she became an attorney if people would give her words the same weight. An honors graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, George Mason University School of Law and Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, Cara has turned her passion for words into award-winning stories that capture readers. Her legal experience makes its way into her stories where strong women confront real challenges.

An award-winning author of more than 30 books, Cara writes legal thrillers, WWII romances, and romantic suspense because she believes that no matter what happens hope is there, waiting for us to reach for it.

When she’s not writing, Cara is an over-educated attorney who lectures in law and communications at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University and homeschools her children. She and her family live in Indiana, the land of seasons. You can read chapters for most of her books and connect with Cara at her website:


More from Cara

Each novel has a unique genesis story. The spark that launches it into a journey of 90,000 words. For Lethal Intent, that journey began with a friend’s journey of childhood leukemia with her oldest. From watching their family wind through years of treatment including cutting edge therapy trials. Then it developed with the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lack and the thought what would someone be willing to do if they believed they’d found the next strain of immortal cells. The lead characters made appearances in other books, but now would have their opportunity to step to center stage. The story morphed and changed, dictated by the vagaries of the law and changes.


Each story has a spark. For Caroline it was a brainstorming session with my writing buddies Rachel Hauck, Colleen Coble, and Denise Hunter. That was when her backstory developed, all the things that happened to her to form her into the adult she is on the pages. One who cares deeply about others but who is fundamentally scared, longing for a place she can relax and take a deep breath.


Each story has a spark. For Brandon, it was brainstorming with another writing friend Tricia Goyer that lead to a creative job for a hero that wasn’t the typical law enforcement. His role with the group foster home was set and the backstory filled in quickly. What would it be like to be separated from and lose a brother in the foster care system? Would that generate this need to keep sibling groups together? And then the law changes and the fabric of your professional identity and something so much deeper is threatened.


Each story has a spark. The pharmaceutical start-up where ethics collides with the desire to save children. The push to do whatever it takes overshadowing the guardrails of the law. If they expected silence, they hired the wrong woman. But does Caroline really have the strength to battle and does she need to?


Lethal Intent grew from each of these sparks and many more to develop into a story I can’t wait for you to read. In the process I learned immense amounts about CAR-T cell therapies and foster care law. Most of all, I hope you’ll fall into the pages and be engrossed in a story you can’t bring yourself to put down until the final page.

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To celebrate her tour, Cara is giving away  the grand prize package of a “Just one more chapter” pillow cover, a copy of the book, an Erin Condren journal, and a hand-stamped bracelet!!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Review: Choosing His Family by Jill Lynn

What a lovely story! Finn and Ivy were excellent characters, I liked them both instantly and was cheering for them! I loved Ivy's triplet daughters, they were so much fun and never failed to make me smile! I loved the ranch and small-town setting! And I loved the banter between Finn and his sister Charlie! This is book 6 in the Colorado Grooms series, I have not read any of the previous books in the series, but I had no trouble following this one, it stands alone beautifully, however after meeting several of the characters from prior books I'm now super excited to go back and read their stories!
Choosing His Family is a delightful read that I enjoyed every minute of and highly recommend!

I received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher which did not influence my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.

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Review: An Unlikely Proposal by Toni Shiloh


HAPPY RELEASE DAY to An Unlikely Proposal by my amazing friend Toni Shiloh!
Huge congratulations on the release of your first Love Inspired novel, Toni! 
This book is absolutely fantastic! Check out my full review below!

5 Stars!
Wowza, what a fabulous book! I'm one of Toni Shiloh's biggest fans, I've read all of her books to date and I automatically want to read everything she writes, even before I know anything about the story! This book was one of my most anticipated releases of 2021 and it exceeeded all of my expectations! I don't think I've read a contemporary marriage of convenience story before, and I loved the way Toni wrote it, Trinity and Omar's reasons for marrying were totally reasonable and felt very realistic and plausible to me! I also loved that in addition to the blissful moments Toni didn't shy away from showing us the realities, struggles, and challenges that can arise when the hero and heroine go from being best friends to being a married couple living together with two small children literally overnight, it felt so real, was brilliantly written, and I loved it! Trinity and Omar were excellent characters who became like friends to me, my heart went out to each of them for the pain and heartbreak they had each experienced, and I was cheering for them to fall in love! And I loved Faith and Joy, they were so much fun! Another one of my favorite things about this book was the tire swing, loved that so much! This book swept me away from the first page and I would have finished it in less than a day had it not been for such a pesky thing as sleep calling my name! I truly cannot express just how much I loved absolutely everything about this book! An Unlikely Proposal was my first read of 2021, and I already know it's going to be one of my favorite reads of 2021!
I completely adored this book and most highly recommend it, it's a must read that is not to be missed! You need this book in your life! What are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy ASAP!

I received a copy of this book from the author and Love Inspired which did not influence my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Review: Still the One by Rachel D. Russell


5 Stars!

Wowza, this book needs to be on your list of anticipated reads for 2021! 

I am definitely a card carrying member of the Deep Haven fan club, and when I first heard about this new collection of books I was over the moon excited and knew they would be fabulous! 

I love nothing more than falling in love with an author's writing voice from the beginning of their debut novel, and such was the case with Still the One! From the first page I was enthralled with the story. I couldn't stop reading and finished it in a little over twenty four hours! 

I adored the characters, Cole and Megan are awesome! Cole had me swooning a time or two (hundred!) and I could so relate to Megan's longing to feel treasured, and how she's always wanted to feel like she is enough, those are both things that I strugggle with often too so I could totally get how she felt.

One of my favorite things about this book was that reading it felt like a return vacation to a favorite destination and getting to hang out with some of my favorite people. Every time an old friend from Deep Haven made an appearance in this book it brought a huge smile to my face and giddy joy to my heart! 

I absolutely and completely loved this book from start to finish and most highly recommend it! I can't wait for the next book in the Deep Haven Collection. 

With Still the One Rachel D. Russell has penned an engaging, soul-stirring, and heart-melting debut that will delight and enchant Deep Haven fans and new readers alike. I cannot wait to read her next book!

I received an ebook ARC of this book from the publisher which did not influence my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.