Monday, December 12, 2016

Review: One Enchanted Christmas by Melissa Tagg

I have been following Melissa Tagg's books since shortly after the release of her very first, with which she promptly found a spot on my list of all time favorite authors. Each new story she writes completely reaffirms exactly why she has a permanent spot on said list. Her books are beyond AMAZING, I'm always sad to see the awesomeness end but thrilled because now I only have to wait (Insert X number of months here) until her next book! 
One Enchanted Eve was every bit as amazing as I knew it would be. After having met Colin last Christmas in the novella One Enchanted Christmas (And not liking him much at the time either, I might add!) I just knew even before I found out One Enchanted Eve was happening that there was so much more to Colin's story and I couldn't wait to read it! I LOVED everything about this story, it was just so completely awesome! One Enchanted Eve as well as the first book in the series One Enchanted Christmas are (At least in my opinion!) must-reads for the Christmas season (Though they are every bit as awesome at every other time of year too!) While these can both be read as standalones I would recommend reading One Enchanted Christmas before One Enchanted Eve as it does add to the reading experience! 
I know I'm in danger of gush overload write now (Pun most definitely intended!) so I will wrap up by saying that I absolutely adored One Enchanted Eve and can't wait to read Melissa's next book! 

I bought this book and read it purely for pleasure. No review required.