Friday, August 25, 2017

Review: A Spring of Weddings by Toni Shiloh and Melissa Wardwell

4 Stars!
A Proxy Wedding by Toni Shiloh-
I loved everything about this story. The characters were awesome. The road trip they went on was so fun, I especially loved all the great pins on Toni's Pinterest board for this book, it totally made me feel that I was taking the trip right alongside them! I have seen proxy weddings in books before, but it was always only party that had a proxy, not both. So the idea of a double proxy wedding was something I found fascinating! Toni did a fabulous job writing this story and I look forward to rereading it in the future! (5 Stars)

Hope Beyond Savannah by Melissa Wardwell-
I enjoyed this story. I loved both Nik and Lily, and it was neat (and made for a nice change of pace) to read a story where the characters are already engaged and planning their wedding at the very start of the story! I was fascinated by the details and history of Nik's culture, especially since it's a culture that I know very little about, I loved that those details were included! I related to Lily quite a bit. I couldn't believe some of the things that Nik's mom said and did to Lily! While I was glad that she ultimately did change her tune, it didn't really seem plausible to me how quickly she became nice, I realize that as this is a novella the word count was limited, but I found myself thinking that I wouldn't have trusted her when she made such a complete one eighty. 
This is a really good novella that I enjoyed and will probably read again at some point. I also really liked Melissa Wardwell's writing style so I look forward to trying more of her work when I have time! (4 stars)

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