Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Review: Her One and Only by Becky Wade

5 Stars!!!
What an amazingly perfect, yet very bittersweet (For all us fans!) ending to the Porter family series! I have been so looking forward to Dru's story ever since book one and I was not disappointed in the slightest! I loved both Dru and Gray (Becky Wade has crafted yet another utterly swoon-worthy hero!) I liked how God used Dru to help strengthen His relationship with Gray, and vice versa, always such a wonderful thing to see in a romance novel! I loved the banter between Dru and Gray, as well as between Dru and her family so much, that has been one of my favorite things about this family since book one. I love that I can always count on Becky Wade to tug at my heart strings, make me smile and keep me chuckling from beginning to end and this book was no different! Words truly cannot express my depth of love for this book as well for the entire series! It was so awesome that this book provided closure in several different areas, I especially loved the conclusion of Meg and Bo's story! It's funny but I guess I felt about the Porter family similar to the way Mrs. Bennet (From Pride and Prejudice) felt about her children, that I wouldn't be truly happy until each sibling had found the love of their life. LOL! :D
As that is now the case, then, while I am sad to say goodbye to this fictional family that I love so much, I am completely and perfectly and incandescently happy that they are each living their happily ever after's and I can revisit them and their adventures any time I want to! 
I highly recommend Her One and Only to fans of contemporary romance with a suspense element (oh yes, how could I have forgotten about the suspense, it was sooo good! I absolutely loved that part of the story, and let me just say that I am usually able to figure out the identity of the villain(s) pretty early on but with this one there were so many possible suspects that my guess kept changing and until the ID was made I had no clue for sure who the guilty party was!)
While I think the books can definitely stand alone I would recommend reading them in order! Fans of the Porter family series are not going to want to miss this final installment! 
I cannot wait to see what else Becky Wade has in store for us!

Thank you to the author and publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for helping to promote it!

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