Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: With This Ring? By Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Mary Connealy and Melissa Jagears

5 Stars!!!
This is one of the best novella collections I've ever read, seriously! 
I found myself loving each story even more than the one before it! This book is so amazingly awesome, I loved every bit of it! Definitely a must read!!'

The Husband Maneuver by Karen Witemeyer

I am huge fan of Karen's books, I've read all of them to date! I loved Daniel and Marietta in A Worthy Pursuit and was hoping that we would get to read their happily ever after! They were such awesome characters and this was a really, really great novella, I loved it! Every single word. Especially how each chapter began with an excerpt from one of the fictional Dead-Eye Dan dime novels. I don't want to risk giving anything away so I will just say that this novella is definitely a must read, all Ms. Witemeyer's fans will be immensely pleased with this latest release!

Her Dearly Unintended by Regina Jennings

I've read a couple of this author's books and really enjoyed them both. This was a really great novella! I got a real kick out of the characters, I thought it was really neat how Katie Ellen was an inventor, and the fact that she and Josiah had known each other for years prior to the start of the story really prevented things from ever feeling rushed. This was such a fun story with some absolutely hilarious moments! I loved every moment!

Runaway Bride by Mary Connealy

I have read several of Mary Connealy's books and really enjoyed them all! This novella will definitely go down in history as one of my favorites of her books! So, so good! John and Carrie were such a great couple, I also really liked Carrie's brother Isaac. It was really super cool how Mary connected this story to several of her past books (Many of which I have yet to read!) but I was still able to appreciate how cool that was, and I have no doubt that that element of the story will absolutely delight Mary's many fans and win her new ones as well! I loved this novella so much too. By the time I read this was one it was becoming obvious that it was going to be impossible to choose a favorite novella in the collection!

Engaging The Competition by Melissa Jagears

Having read and enjoyed two of this author's books I was very much looking forward to this novella! I was most definitely not disappointed! I loved both Harrison and Charlotte, and I especially loved how Melissa turned the typical situation (The man being the tough rancher who isn't the most sophisticated, while the woman is the sophisticated city person whose talents lie in books and teaching) completely on its head. With Charlotte being the rancher and Harrison being the teacher, which was so cool! I loved that in this novella as well the characters knew each other for years prior to the start of the novella! This is another one that I loved, I told you it was impossible to choose a favorite! This novella as well as the entire collection is most definitely a must read for historical romance fans!

I can already tell you that With This Ring? will be on my list of favorite reads of 2016, yes I know it's only January but seriously it's that good!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House publishers and author Melissa Jagears in exchange for my review. Thanks!
The above is my honest review, all thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.

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