Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bout of Books 15 Day Three Challenge!

Rainbow Challenge!

For the author challenge, use authors surnames to complete an acrostic poem style rainbow of ROYGBIV – you can only use surnames and no prefixes (eg. Vincent van Gogh could be used for a G, not a V). Any ‘writer’ is acceptable, for example, playwrights, poets and comic book/graphic novel authors)

Try to fill your list with authors you have read, and that way I can learn about you and your tastes! If not, branch out and select an author you would like to read. If you still can’t find an author (I’m looking at you, Y) then select someone people have likely heard of!

R – Reed, Terri

O – Orchard, Sandra

Y – Y'Barbo, Kathleen

G – Ganshert, Katie

B – Bergren, Lisa

I – Irvin, Kelly

V – Vogt, Beth

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