Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: An Uncertain Choice by Jody Hedlund

5 Stars!!!
This was a phenomenal YA debut from Ms. Hedlund! Rosemarie was such a great character, I loved her giving spirit, generous heart, and true compassion and love for others! The writing was so skillfully done that I could feel all of Rosemarie's emotions as she learned what God's plan was for her. I don't want to risk giving away the ending so I will just say that my favorite knight won, I loved everything about him but I especially loved how he encouraged and challenged Rosemarie to push herself outside of her comfort zone, both as a person and as a ruler! I am a lover of all things medieval and this novel did not disappoint, the historical details made me feel that I was really there! I love, love, LOVED An Uncertain Choice! There was not one thing about this book that I didn't love, it has it all, adventure, danger, romance, choice, spiritual depth, strong characters, medieval times, and an excellent coming of age story! Every teenage girl should read this book, and it has enough action that I think teenage guys might really enjoy it too! I think it will also resonate with adults too! I highly recommend this book. I loved it so much, but my only complaint is that cliffhanger ending which left me itching to read the next book, how can I seriously wait a whole year for its release! LOL! 

I would like to thank Jody Hedlund and Zondervan for choosing me to be an influencer for this book. It was my honor to read and review my complimentary copy of this book! 

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