Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review of Desecration by Jennifer Hartz. 5 Stars!!!

One word. EPIC! That is the only way I can define the fourth installment in this series, which by the way I am completely addicted to! After reading (And LOVING!) the first three books, my expectations for Desecration were extremely high, I was not disappointed!
I wasn't just reading words on my Kindle screen, in fact my Kindle vanished and Charis sucked me into Meric where I found myself fighting Vaipes, Leviathans, and Nitehawks, making amazing friends, chuckling at Drexton, feeling a huge range of emotions, and getting huffy at Charis' crypticness! Okay not really, but you get the point!
One of my favorite things about Desecration was that we learn so much about the history of Meric, I was so excited that my guess about how Meric got it's name was actually right (I'm almost never correct about those kinds of things)!
I guessed right about something else too, but I'm not going to say what for fear of entering spoiler territory!
I absolutely loved Desecration, but then I never expected anything else!
Needless to say I highly recommend it, this series is a must read! Seriously, what are you still doing reading this review, you should be heading to Amazon to get your copy! But you will probably want to read the first three books first, this is definitely a series best read in order!

I will end by giving a top ten list of what I think makes this series so awesome!

1. God is at the center of the story!
2. Beautiful scenery!
3. Gorgeous Castles!
4. A Good Vs. Evil battle!
5. Special Powers (Levitation, teleportation, super strength, telekinesis, etcetera!
6. Shaw - need I say more!!!
7. Time travel!
8. Mystery, danger, action, suspense, adventure!
9. Biblical Parallels!
10. A breathtaking, heart stopping, gut wrenching, insomnia inducing, humor filled, heartstring tugging, happiness causing, thrill ride!

I am a Resident Of Meric! Are you?

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