Friday, May 10, 2013

Bout of Books 7.0 Goals!

Bout of Books

I am going to try to read at least three of the following books, and I am hoping to read all seven! But even three books is more than I usually read from start to finish in a week so I would be really pleased with that!

1. "Accused" by Janice Cantore
2. "Beauty" by Robin Mckinley
3. "Finding God in The Land of Narnia"
4. "Love in Disguise" by Carol Cox
5. "Through the Fire" by Shawn Grady
6. "Dead Reckoning" by Ronie Kendig
7. "Fire Storm" by Mackenzie Dare


  1. Good luck with your goals! Love in Disguise and Dead Reckoning are both really good!

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Abbi!!!
      That's awesome to hear! My strategy is to pick books that I am really excited to read. And I am hoping that will help me stay motivated!!! :)

    2. :) I have a similar strategy! I have a bunch of "treat" books (ones I'm dying to read) that I've saved just for this week!

  2. Oh! Beauty is such a great book! I hope you enjoy it and all the other books. :)

    1. Thanks Melanie! :)
      It is actually because of your review that I decided to read Beauty! :)
      When I saw how much you loved it, I knew I had to read it!!!