Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bout of Books 7.0 Challenges: Day 4

Bout of Books

I decided to do both challenges today!

Acrostic Poetry. Hosted by Harley Bear Book Blog

I chose my all time favorite series for this poem, but I couldn't choose a single book title so I decided to use the series title for my poem! If you have read my blog at all, then you will know that the series in question is the River Of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren. So here goes, enjoy! :)

Incredibly Inspiring
Valiant Ventures
Enchanting, Enthralling and Epic
Read In Record Time

One In A Million
Forelli family, Forever!

Tuscan Time Travel
Insomnia inducing
Men who act like real men
Everything you desire! :)

The second challenge is Personify that story. Hosted by Kimberly Erskine

How it Works: Match a story to a person- sounds simple, but it can definitely be challenging. Have you read story or watched a character develop and thought it sounded just like your mom or favorite celebrity? Well now it's your opportunity to share

Detective Cole Taylor from Irene Hannon's Guardians Of Justice series, personifies my brother Luther in so many ways! (Which is quite fitting because I am similar to Cole's sister Alison in many ways!) Cole and Luther share a sense of strength, toughness, tenacity and determination. They both have a tendency to occasionally be too blunt and enjoy teasing their sister's! They know when to lighten the mood with humor and when to be serious. While they are both the strong silent type when it comes to talking about feelings and emotions, they show you how much they care by their actions and are always eager to help you in any way they can! While they have their flaws, both Cole and Luther are the guy you want in your corner, no matter what!

I am going to share a quote from Deadly Pursuit that sums up Cole and Alison's relationship (As well as my brother's and I) perfectly! Alison has remembered that when Cole was ten he thought his Superman cape gave him the gift of flight, he found out that was not the case and ended up with eight stitches! In this scene Alison is asserting her independent nature and Cole is asserting his protective nature. Cole has gotten called to a crime scene, Alison says "Be careful, okay?"
"I'm always careful."
"Right, Superman."
"I'm never going to live that down, am I?"
"I was only ten, you know. People do grow up."
"Yeah, they do. Remember to keep that in mind once we get past this stalker thing, okay?"
Cole shakes his head and opens the door to leave "Good night, Alison."
"Good night, Superman."
-Deadly Pursuit by Irene Hannon-

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  1. I love your relationship with your brother! How fun it must be to read this book and laugh and think of him!!!

    Here is my story