Monday, June 11, 2012

Review of His Princess:Love letters from your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd 5 stars!!!

I loved His Princess:Love letters from your King!!! While it is not a substitute for the Bible. It made my heart swell until it literally felt like it would pop out of my chest and several times brought tears of joy to my eyes! As I read this book I found myself rejoicing yet again in the knowledge that God loves me reverently and unendingly and I am His Princess. This book moved me beyond words and will continue to be a blessing in my life,it is perfect to read on those days when you don't feel content with who you are or feel you can't do anything right,we have all been there and I believe this book truly has the power to brighten the rainiest, gloomiest days. And all because it reminds you of the truth that you are God's precious beloved daughter and you are valued far more in his sight than you could ever comprehend. I eagerly look forward to reading the sequel His Princess Bride.This book is perfect for women of all ages,I recommend it to anyone, It would make a perfect Birthday,Graduation,Wedding,Anniversary etc. Gift for all the amazing women in your life. So what are you waiting for read this and immerse yourself in the truth, that you are His Princess. And your King will always love you unconditionally

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