Sunday, May 20, 2012

Review of Until I Die by Amy Plum, 5 stars!!!

I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but this one has another gorgeous cover!!! In my opinion Amy Plum has done it again, she has created another masterpiece of storytelling and Revenant lore, once again I was riveted from the first page! Some people have been talking about until I die being a 'middle book' and having a lot of 'filler space'! I do NOT agree, until I die is had a pulsating plot thread that kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through it waiting to see what would happen next, in many ways the non action scenes added more suspense to the story than some of the action scenes! I firmly believe that until I die is MORE suspenseful than die for me! The authors writing and ability to deepen her mythology in this book absolutely knocked my socks off!!! As for the'middle book' stigma, although until I die is the second book in a trilogy there is no second book syndrome as I like to call it! Until I die's story line stands confidently on it's own! I am a huge Kate fan and truly appreciate how unlike Twilight's Bella she is! I especially loved that at one point Kate says that it is not that sheisn't a complete person on her own but that Vincent compliments her personality as she does his! Finally a teenager who knows that she is still a complete person and although she misses him she doesn't shrivel up and cry her eyes out when her boyfriend isn't with her every single second! How refreshing!!! The more I read Kate the more I feel that we are kindred spirits she and I (and could be best friends if she wasn't fictional) I loved this book! I recommend it, if you loved die for me you will not regret reading until I die! Here are the best and worst points. Best, NO love triangle, having a chance to get a deeper look at revenant mythology. Worst, Warning: cliffhanger alert, I am not usually a fan of cliffhanger endings but this one ahhh. So good!!! As cliffhangers go! And having to wait until next year for the final installment!!! I could go on for years about how amazing until I die is, but you would rather read it for yourself so I'll just say read it, read it.. READ IT!!! Treat yourself to until I die and you won't be sorry!!!


  1. Hey Caitlyn,

    I found you at the River of Time Series Facebook fan page. I'm a HUGE fan of River of Time, too! I am also an author with a Christian Fantasy Series I KNOW you'd enjoy! The Future Savior Series ( I'd love it if you'd review Book 1: Conception for me. Email me ( if you'd be interested in doing the review :)

    1. Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! I would Love to review Conception for you!!! I am sending you an email as well. So excited to talk to you more about this!!!