Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bout of Books 17 Day One Update and Day Two Challenge!

Yesterday I read On The Fence by Kasie West from start to finish, it was fabulous, I loved it! And I read the first chapter of Everything Changes by Lauren Brooke, I could have read more but I got distracted because my mom and I watched the DVD of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, which was really good by the way! My plan for day two is to finish Everything Changes and start The Ringmaster's Wife by Kristy Cambron

Day Two Challenge
The Nickster hosted at Bout of Books -- Mix 'n Match (instructions right below!)

Pick out 10-15 books from your shelf, from your local library, or from a local bookstore. They can be any genre, any language, and any length. In each book, flip to a random page and pick the 1st word (articles such as "the", "and", "an", "or", etc. don't count as the 1st word). Use all these 1st words to try to create an actual sentence. If the books are in different languages, feel free to translate them to all one language or leave them as they are! also, you can add in some articles, such as "the", "and", "an", "or", etc., if you want to make the sentence flow better.

Here is my sentence, not the greatest but it did make me laugh!

Riley shrugged as she approached the shallow farmhouse, okay, the informant had something yellow.

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