Lynette Eason's Books 2016 Reading Challenge!

Lynette Eason's Backlist Titles Reading Challenge

The last couple of years I've gone a little crazy signing up for different reading challenges and in some cases having a difficult time completing them so I decided that this year I would do things differently by only signing up for a couple of challenges and creating one of my own! I've wanted to read all of the backlist titles by one of my all time favorite authors, Lynette Eason for quite some time but never really made it a priority before, but now I am. I am officially challenging myself to read in 2016 all of Lynette's backlist titles that I haven't yet read! I will be keeping track of my progress here on this page, below is the list of all the titles of hers that I have not read prior to 2016!

Lynette Eason's Books Reading Challenge: To be read list

-High Stakes Series-
1. A Silent Terror-READ 8/16
2. A Silent Fury-READ 8/19
3. A Silent Pursuit-READ 8/21
5. Missing-READ 10/24

-Amazon Adventure series-
1. Lethal Deception-READ 6/25
3. Holiday Illusion-READ 6/27

-Rose Mountain Refuge series-
1. Agent Undercover-READ 10/27
2. Holiday Hideout-READ 10/30
3. Danger on the Mountain-READ 11/20

-Family Reunions series-
3. Her Stolen Past-READ 7/21

-Wrangler's Corner series-
1. The Lawman Returns-READ 2/13
2. Rodeo Rescuer-READ 2/14

Threat of Exposure-READ 10/9
The Black Sheep's Redemption-READ 11/27
My Deadly Valentine-READ 2/7
Trail of Evidence-READ 7/17
Gift of Grace-READ 2/12

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