Friday, August 21, 2015

Bout of Books Day Five Challenge!

 Character Soulmates Challenge  

It's great because we are going to be shipping characters from different books. Have you ever thought __(person)__ from this book would be just perfect with __(person)__ from this other book? Well here is your chance to finally pair them up and watch the sparks fly.

1.) Pick two characters from two different books who you think will be great together in a romantic relationship. These characters must have never been in the same book together or met before.

2.) Make a post telling me which characters you picked and what books they are from. You can't forget to give them a cool ship name too! An example of a ship name can be "Percabeth" for Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. If you have a blog or a youtube channel, you can also just put this info in a post/video and leave a link to it in the comments.

3.) Give me a short reason as to why you paired those two as a cute couple. Convince us that it is meant to be.

This was actually a really hard challenge for me because most of the books that I read are romances that end with the couple either engaged or married, and even though they are fictional characters I just couldn't bring myself to break up their relationships for the sake of this challenge! So I decided to pick two characters that either did not have a soulmate at the end of their book or their story just hasn't been written yet! 

I chose...

Megan from From The Start by Melissa Tagg and Josh Martin from Worth The Wait by Laura Jackson!
Nickname: Jogan
Why: I love both of these characters (There is a bit of an age difference but since the year isn't mentioned  in either book, I'm just going to imagine that From The Start is set about four years after Worth the Wait, which would make Josh and Megan the same age!) I love Megan's spunky, determined, sarcastic personality which hides a deeply wounded heart, she is so strong and admirable  and Josh is such a sweetheart (But yet he's not afraid to fight for what he believes in and those he loves!) I would love for Megan to realize that God has a true gentleman out there for her! I know without a doubt that Josh would stop at nothing to help her see that she is adored and cherished (Not only by him but also by Jesus) Josh is one amazing young man and I know he would fall head over heels for Megan and he would be a great father, I have no doubt that he would love Megan's  unborn child as his own! 

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